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adriel meaning

Adriel stands for bliss, happiness, and togetherness.

The energy of Adriel is deep and powerful. It’s the seed germinating underground the depths of time. If you do not have someone in life whom you love then one calls upon this angel to break that cycle. The power of this angel is hidden. She is the mystery of love in life. You can’t perceive the seed behind earth and love. Every day in your daily life if one seeks companionship to gain happiness and understanding Adriel will help. Without another human to depend on in times of crisis, you may feel that you are not complete. This angel can also be called upon to provide relief for the problems in the immediate future.

The angel Adriel is able to feel loneliness and will help one find out if two couples are a match and if they will have companionship through life. Adriel also help’s when one feels distress and remorse or when they are losing someone they love dearly. At times, when going through a break up the world seems to stand still after losing this person whom they cherish and care for. This loss can cause one to reach out to this angel to recover from this loss. Loving someone in life provides happiness and bliss. When they feel somewhat disheartened this angel can provide strength. Adriel is also used to overcome illness or requires help from a health perspective. This angel is not about doing but is rather much a state of being – helping with love and illness problems.

This angel is the dreaminess of achieving love and happiness in life. Often there are the times when one needs a strong shoulder to cry on. This is when the angel Adriel steps in and brings to you someone who can provide relief from pain. The angel sends messages through dreams and spirit guides so that one can get in touch with their inner self. At times this angel can fulfil a void, that they wish to fill, so desperately. When one calls on this angel she will try to unbalance the drama in life and move this to a higher level, therefore trying to control situations that have got out of control. In regard to a relationship with another this angel can help with sadness or control.

Appearing when one is inconsolable in order to protect. The love and understanding between you and the angel increases with time. This helps to bring you closer and helps you to be more faithful to one another.   You can call upon this angel Adriel by using items which are olive green, silver or blue in color like clothes and gemstones. You can burn incense to make the atmosphere more solemn when you call upon this angel and start talking to her remember that she is with you to avoid the havoc in life and the life of others. You or your companion may feel the transformation as you communicate with the angel to ask for help.

Color: Olive Green, Silver, Blue

Meaning: Bliss, happiness, love and togetherness

Helps with: Bringing together friends

When to call on Adriel:

  • When you are feeling alone and need companionship.
  • When you are in distress or despair.
  • When you feel sad after losing someone you love.